Confidentiality for the Android App Mobibiz-Dataentry

The application may access:

  • The contact list to import them into the Customer list. It must be initiated by the user and can be reverted
  • The camera to take photo in Expense (take photo of Tickets), Note (take photo relative to a customer, project, task or object) or for Opportunity (take photo of Business cards)
  • The last phone number dialed or received to automatically create activiy for your registered customers. It can be disable in the setting PhoneCalls, define LastCallID = 999999
  • It make usage of internet to synchronize your Data with your Database (for Company that want use the web application.
  • You can compose the phone number of your customer directly from the Customer information display
  • The synchronization is secured trough the usage of the https protocol

It doesn't use the microphone